T. Robert Darrough Fused Glass Creations  - Decorative Art Glass Designs For Your Home or Office
Destination is an example of "on edge" glass construction. The hundreds of pieces of cut glass are fused on edge instead of flat. The eye in the middle seems to follow you where ever you go. It measures 21.5" round by .50" thick.
Price: $624.97
It's Party Time!
This Decorative Bowl will be the hit of the party. Bright red borders two edges. Yellow and orange glass decorate the center . Green squares and blue circles add an exciting touch. It measures 16.5" X 16.5". This item has been sold.
Price: $299.00
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Hang Ten
This large oval shaped art glass piece is often referred to as The Wave. The blues, aquas, greens and one small piece of yellow glass depict a giant ocean wave. Look closely you can see the sea foam. Surf's up! It measures 47.5" X 25.5" and It comes with a customized stand.
Price: $1,274.95
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This large fused art glass piece stands 69" high and 29" wide. It has 45 different colors and 75 pieces of glass fused into a smooth elegant art creation. Yellow, orange and red start at the bottom. The greens fill the middle and at the top a vaireity of blue glass.This wonderful piece comes with its own customized stand.
Price: $4,600.00
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Beach Ball
This 24" perfectly round art glass circle reminds you of the days spent on a warm, sandy beach. The glass pieces are fused together with precision and the colors are true giving the impression of spinning. It comes with its own customized stand.
Price: $495.00
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Play Me
Glass tray resembling a piano keyboard. Black and white glass strips and rod fused together. The black keys are raised just like on a piano. This item has been sold. 16.25" X 5.5" X 1"
Price: $90.08
Chakra Square
These colorful strips of glass represent the Chakra peace and tranquility. 8" X 8"
Price: $77.32
Summer Vineyard
This multi-glass piece of clear glass, confetti and stringer. The price listed for this item is the wholesale price and available at that price thru this website. 12" X 12" X 3"
Price: $98.98
Wild Thing
This was a pleasant surprise. You never know what you're going to get when you open the kiln. This uniformed fused glass of deep red and white is an example of what glass does when heated to high temperatures. 14" X14" X 3.75". This Item was donated to the KVIE Art Auction and was sold to the highest bidder.
Price: $501.04
Mardi Gras
This loosely fluted bowl looks like confetti. It is multi-colored glass pieces in clear glass and edged with colorful glass strips. This item has been sold.
Price: $68.87
This abstract art piece can be whatever your imagination wants it to be. We have titled Candelabra but some say it looks like a sailboat. 20" round
Price: $5,000.00
Red and White Square Plate
This abstract piece contains 21 pieces of sheet glass arranged in an attractive pattern. With light behind it, the colors come alive. 9.75" X 9.75" X .75"
Price: $72.15
This colorful tray is strips of red, orange, yellow and green separated by black strips. Great for serving or decorating or both. 16.5" X 11.75" X 2"
Price: $300.00
Dozens of glass pieces intricately woven to create a rainbow of colors. 16.5" X11.75" X 1.5"
Price: $187.81
Singing the Blues
This fused glass plate has blue and avengerine green crisscross throughout the piece. 12" X 12"
Price: $98.95
The square shallow bowl is of clear glass base with 5 different colors fused throughout. 12" X12" X 2" This item has been sold.
Price: $98.95
Green Deviled Egg Plate
This deviled egg plate hold one dozen eggs. It has 24 indentions for the eggs plus one in the center for decorations. 13" round.
Price: $110.00
Inner Pathway
This oblong tray has colorful stripes that blend to make a beautiful piece for your table or your shelf. Food safe. 18" X 4.75" X 1.25"
Price: $68.82
Ebony & Ivory
This fused glass piece is similar to "Play Me" but has fewer keys. Black and white glass along with black rod fused on a black glass base. It measures 16.5" X 5.5" X .50". Wholesale price listed and only available at that price on this website. This item has been sold.
Price: $98.95
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