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We finally made it!
After entering for three years in the California Fine Arts Division of the California State Fair, "Skyscraper" (shown below) was accepted and received the AWARD of EXCELLENCE.  It was exhibited from July 12th thru July 28th in Sacramento.
Carol Buchanan, Exhibit Coordinator and T. Robert Darrough in front of Carol Buchanan, Exhibit Coordinator,
California Fine Arts Division,
California state Fair 2013
and Fused Glass Artist, T. Robert Darrough
with his Award Winning entry "Skyscraper". 
Skyscraper was accepted at the California Fine Arts Division of the California State Fair
Check out how it was made.
First Phase is the reds, yellows and oranges atop a sheet of clear glass
From bottom to top, the reds, yellows and oranges are cut, numbered and added atop a 29"X69" sheet of clear glass.
Next the green glass pieces were added.
Next, the greens were added.  The pieces were put together like a puzzle.  Photos were taken so the pieces could be disassembled and reassembled exactly in the kiln.
We're two-thirds of the way there at about 45".
The colors for the next section were selected, cut and numbered.
The blue glass pieces were added at the top.
The blues were added at the top bringing the over all
 total to 75 pieces of cut and fitted glass in 45 different colors.
The is how the overall project looked before going to the kiln.
After all the pieces had been assembled the next step was
to carefully move them from the work table to the kiln.
All the pieces were reassembled in the kiln.This photo shows how the glass looked in the kiln prior to firing.  This kiln is 6 feet long and 3 feet wide. The firing schedule was set to begin the 24-hour fusing process.
Cooling the fused glass in kiln for two days.
The month long project culminated with a two day cooling period. If you look closely you can see how some of the colors changed during firing.
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